Simplify the employee Experience with Smart HR Bots

Who is Qi ?

Make every employee experience special

My name is Qi and I am the HR partner for Qrata. I like to connect with people. Using data I determine your behavior and draw conclusions about how to serve you better. I use technology in a way that makes sure your HR process is easy and time saving.

Core Functionality of Qi

General Administration

Employee Directory, Change Personal Information, Search and Apply for internal Jobs, Learning Registration.

Engage your Teams

Employee Ideation, Employee Feedback, Employee Communications.

Pay and Benefits

Get Payslips, My Health Insurance, Reimbursement.

Help Desk

FAQ Responses, Enter a Help Desk Ticket.


Upload onboarding documents, Access Offer Letter.

Well Being

Mental Health Exercises.

Team Qi can also build bespoke HR bots to address the following challenges

Harassment Bot

Independent Assessment of whistle blowing and harassment complaints at company.

Exit Survey Bot

Perform Exit Analysis and interview 1 week, 3 months, 6 months post leaving the company.

Recruitment Bot

Company FAQ’s, Search and Apply for Jobs.

Features of Qi

Anytime, Anywhere

Qi is Available on various channels such as Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger, Web, etc.


Hosted on AWS or on premises to reduce you risk.

Work with existing system

Integrate with existing database or system.

Designed for the user experience

A great conversational experience to improve engagement.

Actionable Insights

Behind the solve analytics to really understand the puls of your organization.


Fit to your data and architecture to be attand to culture.

Customers of the team that built Qi

Some example Case studiesfrom Industries


“FTSE100 company HR Chatbot Decreases Inbox Traffic by 43%, essentially giving HR reps close to half of their time back.”

KEC International

KEC International has created Electra–a customized HR chatbot that has revolutionized employee query management at the company.

Deutsche Telekom

“Deutsche Telekom achieved much-improved candidate experience scores, as well as an increase in applicant quality and responsiveness to out-of-hours inquiries.”

Qi can work with different System and Channels

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