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Curating Talent to Build Effective Organizations

Who are my best hires

Use data and assessments to find & engage talent to build your org

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Do I need a HR Partner

Engage, develop and train your teams to be a more effective organization

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Are you automating HR?

Business Case , Due Diligence , Proof of concept for Software as a Service

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How can we help your organisation?

Data Driven Hiring

Objective hiring based on personalized assessments, social branding and technology driven smart profiling for a fixed price

Part time HR Support

Accelerators and templates to make you compliant , kickstart recruitment , onboard effectively and digitize people data – Starting as low as $100/month

HR Technology Support

Independent advisory to review your people technology projects for benefits realization, risk assessment, team structure and ability to deliver

Leadership Development

Personalized leadership development for mid career professionals to deliver projects and services to companies in the US/UK based on Wharton Leadership curriculum

Candidate Management Technology

A job board and applicant management system being built on machine learning to help you attract , engage , assess and hire the best talent – See more

And Much More

We look to solve complex business challenges for our customers every day from managing projects , to building custom analytics

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AND learn how your business can consistently attract and hire better candidates

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Our Differentiators

Grounded in Behavioural Science

Custom talent analysis based on measures of grit , cognition and EI to find and develop your teams

Personalized Solutions

Better business outcomes based on customized hiring , learning and technology solutions

HR Expertise

HR Experts with more than 50 Man Years of HR experience working on global projects

Experimental Approach

Faster and more effective delivery using agile prototypes and constant iteration to avoid surprises