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Our purpose is to create employability opportunities!!!. We partner with organizations both in India and internationally to identify projects which range from diversity hiring, scaling of operations using talent in India and building AI-based solutions for Impact. We then match up these opportunities with our talent network across India and form teams to execute these projects which in turn results in jobs as well as practical training

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Scaling requires that you make tough choices. The importance of a management bench grows as your business grows. You won’t be able to oversee everything. We have built a curated database of talent using a combination of events, referral networks and partnerships. This alongside our proprietary hiring methodology helps us to hire the right fit for your growing teams.

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Increase Engagement & Automation

Our AI bot advisors help organizations to automate their HR functions. Automation can help you run your business at a lower cost and more efficiently by minimizing manual work. AI doesn't just use data to determine how employees might behave; it uses data to draw conclusions about how to better serve the employee. By learning from past experiences it’s able to create more relevant and personalized experiences for you.

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Affordable & Scalable teams based out of India

So you’ve made the decision to grow your business – congratulations! The manual processes that were fine when you were small but now won’t let you move fast enough. It requires planning, some funding and the right systems, staff, processes, technology and partners. We curate talent for skill, job and culture fit and set up a virtual infrastructure for your organization anywhere in India. We build and operate this setup for you and handover to you once you are ready.

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Our Talent Ecosystem

Connect with talented people and Employers. Individuals will now be able to find jobs according to their resume and Employers will be able to connect with them easily.

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